Find Answers to some frequently asked questions

Will the funds raised through UCEF go directly to Yeshivot or to our community's tuition paying families?

For all qualifying students, a grant will be issued by UCEF which the Yeshivot will deduct from the family’s tuition bill. These grants are independent of any financial aid that the Yeshivot provide and will directly reduce the tuition costs of the scholarship recipients.

Which schools are included?

Any schools that are part of the Syrian sephardic community of Brooklyn, NY.


Ahi Ezer Yeshiva


Yeshivah of Flatbush

Lev Torah

Yeshiva Magen Abraham

Magen David Yeshivah

Mekor Hayim

Ohel Torah

Or HaTorah

Orot Sarah

Shaare Torah

Yeshivat Ateret Torah


Bnot Rachel


Who is eligible?

  1. A family must have a minimum of 2 children in eligible schools to apply for UCEF grants.
    • Only children in UCEF participating schools are eligible for funding, and count towards the 2 child minimum.
    • Family must be a member of a Brooklyn Syrian Sephardic community Synagogue.
    • Only children in 1st grade through 12th grade are eligible.
    • UCEF will verify with the schools, that each applicant is in fact enrolled for that school year.
    • The dollar amount of a UCEF grant cannot exceed an individual child’s tuition cost. (Example – David is eligible for a UCEF grant of $3,000, however his total tuition cost is only $2,000. In such a case a grant will be made on David’s behalf of only $2,000)
  2. To be eligible for a UCEF grant, the applicant’s total tuition cost for all eligible children must be a minimum of 10% of the family’s gross income as shown on their prior year’s tax documentation.
    • The ‘total cost of tuition’ is the dollar amount that the family negotiated with the schools to pay, not the schools listed rates of tuition.
  3. Additions/Exclusions:
    • A family whose gross income is less than $100,000 per year is exempt from the 10% requirement noted above and is automatically eligible for grants if they have a minimum of 2 children in UCEF participating schools.
    • A family whose gross income is greater than $350,000 per year is not eligible for UCEF grants at this time.

How does UCEF fairly distribute the funds?

The total UCEF grant money available in each year will be split evenly amongst all the eligible children, attending participating schools.

How can I apply for a UCEF grant?

Parents of Yeshiva children may apply for UCEF grants through our 3rd party grant management organization TADS via this link.

  • UCEF is using a 3rd party organization to collect sensitive information in order to ensure the ultimate level of privacy and confidentiality possible for all applicants.
  • TADS will not be supplying UCEF with any specific income details. TADS will simply provide UCEF with your contact information and whether your children are eligible for this year’s grants or not.
    • UCEF board members do not have any say in who is, and isn’t eligible for a grant. This is all determined by TADS using the above stated eligibility requirements/rules.


Open application period to apply for UCEF grants TBD. Check back for updates.

How does UCEF raise funds for the grants ?

UCEF has worked with varying companies to create a licensing program that generate royalty payments to UCEF when supporters make purchases or use the companies’ services.  When customers seek to support UCEF, they simply purchase products or services from these companies.

Who are the current UCEF license partners?

  • All-ways – sea freight(containers) air freight, po management, customs brokerage, Warehousing.
  • Safeco – small parcel(UPS, Fed EX), LTL trucking, Freight auditing
  • Merchant One – Credit Card processing
  • Columbia Omni – Office Supplies, art supplies, Janitorial supplies, lighting, etc.)
  • Social Buffs – Social Media
  • Superior Development Center – EDI, ERP and related systems (PLM, WMS), Chargeback and compliance,
  • Analytics and POS reporting, Custom fashion and supply chain solutions
  • Complete Office Furniture – Office Furniture

Visit our vendors page on UCEF.com and follow our social media pages for constant updates of the companies that support UCEF.

Who’s backing this initiative?

Rabbis, lay leaders, and many businessmen have all endorsed UCEF.

I am not sure how to get involved. Who do I contact for more information?

If your business is interested in supporting UCEF, please email vendors@6za.0d6.myftpupload.com for more information.

If I don’t have a business am I able to help?

Absolutely! We accept donations at UCEF.com.   Individuals can also support UCEF through online shopping or any of our new programs that we will be launching on our website. Go to UCEF.com to learn more about what we are working on.

You can donate here.

What has UCEF's success rate been to date?

To date, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised through companies that support UCEF and our mission. With your help, we hope to build upon our past successes.