Apply for a UCEF grant!

To qualify for a UCEF Grant you must meet the following requirements:

    • Family must have a minimum of 2 children in eligible schools to apply for UCEF grants.
    • Family must pray regularly in a Brooklyn Syrian / Sephardic community Synagogue.
    • Only children in UCEF participating schools are eligible for funding, and count towards the 2 child minimum.(see faq section to see if your school is included.)
    • Only children in 1st grade through 12th grade are eligible.
    • UCEF will verify with the schools, that each applicant is in fact enrolled for that school year.
    • The $ amount of a UCEF grant cannot exceed an individual child’s tuition cost. (Example- David is eligible for a UCEF grant of $3,000, however his total tuition cost is only $2,000. In such a case a grant will be made on David’s behalf of only $2,000)
    • To be eligible for a UCEF grant, the applicant’s total tuition cost for all eligible children must be a minimum of 10% of the family’s gross income as shown on their prior year’s tax documentation.
    • The ‘total cost of tuition’ is the amount of $ that the family negotiated with the schools to pay, not the schools listed rates of tuition.
    • Please note you must have an open balance on this year’s tuition bill to receive the grant.


A family whose gross income is less than $100,000 per year is exempt from the 10% requirement noted above and is automatically eligible for grants if they have a minimum of 2 children in UCEF participating schools.
A family whose gross income is greater than $350,000 per year is not eligible for UCEF grants at this time.

The 2022 /2023 Grant will be open from Feb 6th through March 6th. Please click on the link below to fill out the application.

If you have a question regarding filling out the form for a grant email:

  • You will only be awarded this years grant if you currently have 2 children in grades 1-12 from the approved School list
  • If you do not submit your tax forms and your tuition statement by the deadline you will not be approved